We are one of the fastest growing bookkeeping and accounting services firms in Australia.

Why are we growing so quickly? Because we provide a top quality service at affordable service rates that make our services sustainable for small and medium businesses.

We aim to make our services sustainable as we understand the needs and challenges for businesses in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Our qualified and experienced Bookkeepers and Accountants take great pleasure in helping our clients to meet their obligations and get ahead of the competition in their industry.
Our expert advice regarding the Australian bookkeeping industry and leading accounting software providers is sought out by Macquarie Group, a leading investment bank here in Australia.

Financial Services Industry Reference Group Member

Darcy Bookkeeping is a member of the Australian Computer Society Industry Reference Group which advises QLD Department of Education and Training as to how best use it’s budget to the betterment of the accounting industry.


Richard Darcy
Katrina Azur
Tanya Pollock
I am totally committed to delivering the best service possible at an affordable cost to all our clients. After starting my career working starting at the bottom and working myself to high level financial positions in Multi-Million dollar private and publicly traded companies I decided that my passion is working with small businesses where positive change can have dramatic effects on profitability. From this Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services was born.

I have been in the accounting and bookkeeping field for the last 12 years and have a Diploma in Accounting and am a Registered BAS Agent, ASIC agent and a member of the Association of Accounting technicians. I have also all but completed a bachelor in commerce whilst starting and growing Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services. My expertise particularly lies in the construction, real estate, hospitality, marketing and alcohol production and distribution industries.

When I manage to get away from the office I enjoy the gym, jetskiing, football the occasional cigar and spending time with my large family.
After earning my Accountancy Degree in 2015, I have been working as senior bookkeeper with Darcy Bookkeeping for over 5 years. This enhanced my skills in Australian and New Zealand tax legislation and industry regulations. I am an expert in different accounting software packages like Xero, Quickbooks Online, MYOB, Saasu, Zoho, Reckon One and the like with certifications on all of them. I am also skilled in using different rostering and Payroll software like Gusto, Deputy, Tsheets, Keypay and the like.

I have very strong experience in industries such as hospitality, building and construction, financial services, real estate, ecommerce and medical and health services.

I am dedicated to ensure that we meet and exceed our clients expectation with the services that our bookkeeping team provides.

When I am outside the office, I enjoy eating and spending time with friends and family, travelling around the city, or drinking my morning coffee while patting my cutie little dog named Sugar.
I began my bookkeeping career with Darcy Bookkeeping 10 years ago, working my way up from junior to senior bookkeeper whilst completing my Certificate 4 Financial Services and BAS agent certification.

After briefly outsourcing my services to local accounting firms to further my experience and skills I returned to Darcy Bookkeeping and went about putting my broad skill sets into growing the Darcy Practice. I am an expert in the 3 main software packages we use Xero, Quickbooks Online and MYOB and other software as well.

January 2020, I began the client services manager role which has grown as the business and team has expanded.

I love this role in the business as I get to interact with our customers, ensure everything runs smoothly and realise the satisfaction of our business providing a superior bookkeeping service to our clients.

On weekends I spend quality time with my family, out on the water in our boat or running commercial fishing charters with my husband and son.

I enjoy laying on beach with a good book (and a glass of wine) and listening to live music at the local Sandstone Point Hotel.

Key Team Members


Kylie Penhaligon
Maria Isoton
Sajid Hanif
I have been bookkeeping for over 10 years now. I started working in big corporations however my real passion was to help small businesses in setting up their bookkeeping processes and ensuring that they can understand how their business is going financially.

I am qualified in accounting with a Bachelor's degree in accounting and psychology, I am also a registered BAS agent. Key Industries I have worked in are: health, medical, building and tradies (electrical, painting, roof maintenance), retail, E-commerce businesses, photography, consulting, and not for profit organisations like Churches. One of my key achievements is becoming a mother but on a profession note I take pride in my ability to relate quickly with my clients and understand their requirements. Also that my ability to ensure that bookkeeping isn't overwhelming for them but helping them understand the importance of it to analyse their future financial success of the business. The key software programs that I have worked with are MYOB, Quickbooks Online, Xero and Saasu. I am a trained and certified Xero bookkeeper.

When I am not bookkeeping I like to spend time hiking, reading, horse riding and spending time with my family.
I have been an Accountant for 18 years since I graduated, and spent these years working within companies and as an external provider. I graduated in Information Technology and after in Bachelor of Commerce Accounting. I have applied my knowledge and experience across financial and cost control, project management, financial accounting, bookkeeping and general management roles in both Australia and Brazil. The industries I have worked for are manufacturing, import/export, wholesalers, retail, transport, engineering and logistics.

My passion is to improve client’s processes using integrated software, that can give them better understanding of their businesses.
I am a hard worker and dedicated to providing an excellent service to all my clients by using my qualifications which are a masters in commerce and am registered with CPA Australia. I have been in the bookkeeping and accounting field for the past 16 years specialising in the automotive, manufacturing, construction, mechanical, finance, real estate, hospitality, recruitment, retail and technology. Where I am at very best is achieving cost saving efficiencies and implementing new accounting or transitioning businesses from one software package to another. I am a quickbooks online certified consultant and am savvy at using xero, reckon, netsuite and oracle accounting software.

I am a dedicated family man and enjoy table tennis and tennis.


Dennis Cardakaris
Robert Heinig
Vanessa Frost
I am a bookkeeper with over 20 years experience in the bookkeeping and accounting sector. I am a registered BAS Agent, CPA member and also a fellow with the Institute of Public Accountants. I enjoy crunching the numbers for my clients and have a specific passion for the Real Estate industry with investment properties of my own. During my 20+ years of service I have worked in most industries and have been called a workaholic because I am passionate about what we do. When I am out of the office I enjoy spending time with my family and get involved in arm chair sports.
I have been in the accounting industry for over 25 years now and have utilised the advancements in technology for my clients to improve their profits. With a bachelor of commerce behind me I have the knowledge and ability to bring clients books up to speed and improve systems and processes via internal audits and communicating with key stakeholders. Some of the key industries I have worked in include retail, transport and logistics, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality and hotel accommodation. I am an expert in using Xero, Quickbooks Online, MYOB and Saasu.

When I am not in the office with my head down I enjoy swimming, gym and soccer.
I am a born and bred Gold Coast local. I have been a Bookkeeper for 18 years with a diploma of accounting and I am also a registered BAS Agent. Programs that I have experience working with and am also trained and certified include Quickbooks Online and Xero, I am also very proficient with MYOB. I have experience bookkeeping in a variety of industries including – medical, heavy machinery, education, real estate, hospitality, Online and digital marketing.

I enjoy working with start up and progressive businesses looking to get ahead as I have separate business interests outside of my main bookkeeping work that keeps me in tune with the business owners mindset.


Sue Safi
Andrea Carruthers
Erin McGuinn
I have been an Accountant for 18 years since I graduated, and spent these years working within companies
and as an external provider. I graduated in Information Technology and after in Bachelor of Commerce Accounting. I have
applied my knowledge and experience across financial and cost control, project management, financial accounting, bookkeeping and general management roles in both Australia and Brazil. The industries I have worked for are manufacturing,
import/export, wholesalers, retail, transport, engineering and logistics.

My passion is to improve client’s processes using integrated software, that can give them better understanding of their businesses.
I have over 20 years experience in bookkeeping and accounting for small and large businesses on the Sunshine Coast. I take great pride and ownership of all work I am asked to do and I am easy for my clients to relate too. I am qualified with a Bachelor of Accounting degree and am also a registered BAS agent. I can assist you in all areas, such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchasing, General Ledger, Month End Reporting, and BAS Calculations. I have had experience in many different industries such as – Construction, Retailing, Wholesale Food Distributors, Hospitality, Consulting and Marketing. Programs I am most proficient in are MYOB, Quickbooks Online, Xero, as well as some larger company ERP type systems.
I am a dedicated and focused individual who is interested in my clients success. With my dual bachelor of commerce and information technology I am well positioned to assist my clients with the integration of technology within their accounting system and back end. I have been in the accounting field for 9 years now having started my career in an accounting firm and working my way through public practice. I have worked in and particularly specialise in the following industries - fashion, travel, automotive, industrial manufacturing, construction, mechanical, finance, real estate, hospitality, consumer products. I am certified in using MYOB and also am highly experienced in using Quickbooks and Xero.

When I am not helping my clients to achieve their business goals I like hiking, paddle boarding, music, travel and photography.


Patrick Ghimire
Bradley Reynolds
Erin McGuinn
I started my professional career in 2005 as a Finance Officer. I have both Australian and Overseas experience working as Financial Controller. During 2012, I realised that my true passion is in accounting and taxation. So, I changed my career path and started working as an Accountant in a Gladstone based public practice firm. I hold Bachelor of Accounting Degree from Central Queensland University with overall GPA 6.1 out of 7. Moreover, I also have a Bachelor of Business Degree as well.

I am a tax practitioners board (TPB) registered tax agent and member of the National Tax Agent’s Association (NTAA). I am a Xero certified Advisor and expert in other accounting software like MYOB, Quickbooks, Handisoft, and Tax Cat just to name a few.

When I am not being a Tax Accountant and I manage to get away from the office I love to play with my little girl and take her to the park. I do enjoy listening to eastern classical music and swimming.
I’ve been doing the accounting thing since 1987 and started my own accounting business in 1997. So, I’ve owned and operated my own small business as well as helped many others with theirs – I get where you’re coming from and the challenges you’re facing.

I’m a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and a Registered Tax Agent and have a wide range of experience from the small sole trader to the larger multi-faceted businesses. Industries include tradies, retailers, manufacturers, wineries, the professions and primary producers (I’ve even had my own farms, planting crops, running sheep and growing grapes).

I also believe that there are more important things in life than tax so when I’m not doing accounting stuff, I’m a volunteer firefighter, Justice of the Peace and ground crewman for a hot air ballooning business. I have also been involved in environmental groups, have had my own radio show (twice!) and have a keen interest in aviation and Australian military history. I’ve even renovated an old house or two.


We are committed to the success of our clients. We strive to forge strong relationships with all our clients and provide a service which adds value to their business today and well into the future.

We hold strong core values that govern the way we do business every day.
Our bookkeeping and accounting firm is a firm you can trust.

Our Bookkeepers and Accountants look after the business needs of hundreds of businesses across Australia each and every week. We place great value in the integrity of our people as we understand that the finances of your business are required to be handled confidentially and with the greatest amount of care.

We understand the importance of reliability as we have become a fixture in the businesses of many of our clients who rely on us for vital information and processes to be completed.


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